Add Value with Home Renovation Projects

Home improvements can be completed by professionals or as DIY projects. Either way, they will boost your property value. Whether you are selling your house or just want it to be more functional, here are 6 renovation projects that add value to your home.

Exterior Renovation

First impressions matter and potential buyers judge your house by its exterior before touring the inside. Putting effort into improving curb appeal will add value.

Clean the siding to remove dirt and mildew. If the siding materials are badly cracked or damaged, invest in new siding. You might also paint the front door, prune the garden shrubs, and maintain a tidy lawn. A cluttered, unkempt yard suggests an overall lack of maintenance and will make the home unappealing to buyers and guests.

Projects That Add Value: Upgrading Insulation

Adding extra insulation to the attic and walls will reduce your energy usage and lower the monthly electric bill. Seal cracks around doors and windows to keep climate-controlled air inside the home. This will help your HVAC system run more efficiently, cutting energy costs in turn.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchens are more than just a space for cooking; we entertain friends and family there. Kitchen renovations are usually costly, but you can save money by making minor upgrades yourself. Choose simple projects that will give you the best value for your money.

Install a new faucet and replace your old sink with a new one. Upgrade electrical appliances with modern energy-efficient models. Repaint the cabinets, or replace them if they are showing age. If your budget allows, install new countertops and flooring. These upgrades are appealing to a potential buyer and are sure to add value to your home. 

Revamp the Bathroom

Minor upgrades to the bathroom can boost property value and give you a good return on investment.

Complete many of these upgrades yourself, like replacing old fixtures with new ones. Install modern cabinet hardware and add a waterfall showerhead. A new tile floor and updated lighting fixtures are other popular projects to improve the bathroom.

Repainting is Among the Projects That Add Value

Repainting your house is an affordable and easy way to add value to your home. The best part is that you can do it yourself. If you are planning to put the property on the market, choose colors on the neutral side of the palette as they will appeal to more buyers.

Finishing the Basement 

A finished basement offers a solid return on investment. Hang drywall, install new flooring, add a few coats of paint, and your space is transformed. Potential buyers enjoy a functional basement because they can visualize creating a family room or game room. Finishing the basement is a great renovation project to add value to your home.

When making improvements, don’t go overboard with your ideas as the costs may outweigh the returns. Choose from these simple projects and save money by tackling some upgrades yourself.

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