The kitchen is the most-used room in the house. It carries a lot of value for the home and is often a deciding factor for homebuyers. Make your space functional and inviting by investing in some kitchen upgrades.

Add an Island

If you have an open area in the middle of your kitchen, a center island is a perfect addition. An island provides storage, counter space, and even an area to sit and eat. Put a few bar stools against the island and make it a breakfast table. It’s also the perfect place for kids to sit and do homework while you are preparing dinner.

Cabinets underneath the island add storage space to the kitchen. Choose a cabinet base that matches the existing cabinets or one that complements what’s already in place. Use the same countertop material as the other counters or choose a contrasting accent piece.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Besides adding an island for more storage, there are other ways that you can improve the storage space in your kitchen. A pot rack hanging from the ceiling frees up cabinet space and is the ideal way to store bulky pots and pans. Hang them from their handles on hooks overhead for easy access. Other devices like Lazy Susans are great additions for more convenient storage of spices and oils.


You may think that backsplash is purely decorative but it also protects the walls from water and grease. It transforms a kitchen from looking drab to upscale. Choose an accent color or design that complements the counters and cabinets. While you may want to hire a professional to install a tile backsplash with grout, there are also peel-and-stick options that are perfect for DIYers.

Kitchen Upgrades for Countertops

The countertops see a lot of traffic, so you want a sturdy and durable material. Do your research when selecting a new countertop material, because there are so many kinds to choose from. Classic materials like granite and quartz are popular, but more industrial options like concrete and solid surface are currently trending.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your kitchen may have great countertops and cabinets, but if the appliances are outdated, there is room for improvement. Appliances affect the appearance and the energy efficiency of the kitchen. New appliances are built to use a fraction of the water and power as their older counterparts. Most appliances have a lifespan of around 10 years give or take, so replace them before they stop working.

Kitchen Upgrades for Floors

Certain types of flooring materials are preferable for kitchens over others. While hardwood is beautiful, it is not ideal for a kitchen where water is more likely to spill. Choose waterproof flooring materials when replacing your kitchen floors. The top options are traditional tile or luxury vinyl, which comes in tiles or planks.

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