Sometimes it’s apparent something isn’t quite right in your home. Other times, the signs of a major problem are more subtle. Don’t ignore seemingly minor issues; these can eventually cause significant damage.

Signs of a Major Problem that Homeowners Often Ignore

Sagging Gutters are Signs of a Major Problem

A slightly sagging gutter is not necessarily a sign of a severe issue. It could simply mean that it’s time for gutter cleaning. However, it’s essential to assess the situation and determine the cause of the sagging. In some cases, it could be that the materials are rusting or weakening. The guttering might also be improperly attached to the home.

Sagging gutters allow water to flow behind the channel or over the edge, causing damage to your home and landscaping. This water damage can cause flooding in the basement, erosion, roof issues, and mold growth.

Mildew Around Water Pipes

You might soon be facing significant repairs if you see mildew or mold developing around the plumbing pipes. Mold or mildew growth signifies a water leak from a damaged pipe. Water can weaken building materials, cause structural damage, and creates an environment conducive to mold growth.

Flickering Lights

If a single light bulb starts flickering, it’s usually due to a loose connection in the fixture. Try to tighten the bulb. If the flickering doesn’t stop, the fixture itself might be the problem. But if other lights in the house also flicker, the issue could be an overloaded circuit. Call a professional electrician to troubleshoot and make repairs.

Drainage Becomes Slower

If a single sink or shower drain is slow, it’s most likely a clog you can dislodge with a plumber’s snake. If all of the drains in your home become slow, there could be a clog in the main sewer line. A major clog isn’t a DIY fix; call a professional.

Signs of a Major Problem: Paint Starts Peeling

When the paint on an interior wall starts cracking or peeling, it may be caused by a poorly sealed window. Peeling paint is due to moisture and finding the source of the moisture is essential. You might have a leak in the plumbing behind the wall or leaking roofing materials.

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